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9 Reasons You Need A Website

Considering the amount of time people spend on the internet, businesses too have had to move online. For business owners of any size, having a website and a social media presence has become crucial. If you run a business and don't have a website, you could be missing out on a lot of prospective consumers. Understanding the value of a website is essential to expanding and growing your business

1 - 24/7 Online Presence

One of the most significant advantages of having a website is that it can be accessed by anybody, at any time. Customers can access your website and use your services or obtain information, about you even during non-business hours, which is one of the key elements of a business website. Since a website is always active, customers can visit you from the comfort of their own homes 24 hrs a day. 

2 - Information Exchange

Over half of customers expect a brand or business to have an online presence through which they can access services. The ease with which a website makes information available to clients is one of its most appealing features. A website is, at its essence, nothing more than a means of communicating with customers and providing them with information and resources. Here are a few ways that websites can assist in the exchange of information:

  1. Ads that update customers about the latest offers on products and services

  2. Newsletters that update customers about any upcoming events and news

  3. Contact forms that invite inquiries, requests or schedule appointments

3. Credibility

A website is a crucial first step in establishing trust online. Just like in the old days, when customers expected businesses to have contact numbers and addresses mentioned in their information brochure, customers nowadays expect businesses to have a website or online presence. Having a professionally designed, thorough and easy-to-use website can help you to more easily convey to potential customers that you are a reputable organization anda one they want to do business with.

4 - Sales

With a website, your company's accessibility grows enormously because it can be visited from anywhere on the planet. As a result, websites assist businesses in breaking down local and regional barriers and taking their business worldwide. 

5 - Your Competition Probably Has One

While 36 percent of small businesses don’t have their own website, 64 percent of them do. This means that the majority of small businesses DO have a presence online, and it’s likely that your competitors have a website that appeals to people in your area. If you want to stay relevant and competitive within your field, it’s important that your business have a footprint online—it not only helps you stay competitive, but it also helps cement your role as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy business.

6 - Show Your Work

You website does not have to only be for products and services. A website can act as a company’s portfolio or resume. This can prove to be beneficial for businesses as the website can act as a reference for potential investors in which they can be acquainted with your services, what you have achieved so far, and what your plans for the future are.

7 - Control Your Brand and Image

While social media sites are good for business, they are limited in their flexibility and customization options. A website is a great way to refine your brand—using your own look, vocabulary, and more—and it's also a great place to shape the story about your business.

8 - Cost Effective

A physical store or office requires a massive investment for owning or renting a commercial space. Besides that, furniture, interiors, and employees are also some additional expenses that cannot be ignored. On the other hand, creating a website is very easy and cost-effective. If you are setting up a complex website like E-commerce or one with thousands of pages, you might need the help of experts, but the cost can still be minimal in comparison with setting up a physical store.

9 - Growth

If you run a local business it’s essential for you to have a strong online, social and mobile marketing strategy. And the best place to start – or even refresh – is your website. With a well-designed, optimized site you can reach a new audience of potential leads who can not only become your customers, but who may become loyal ambassadors for your brand.

For business owners of any size, having a website and a social media presence has become crucial. If you run a business and don't have a website, you could be missing out on a lot of prospective consumers.

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